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Mattress selection plays key role

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No one disagrees about the importance of a good night's sleep.
"Everyone needs rest and that comes from a good mattress," David Smith, co-owner of Mattress Depot USA, said. "Getting a good night's sleep makes life a bit easier."
Mattress Depot USA specializes in selling quality clearance, mismatched, factory seconds and closeout name brand mattress sets at reduced prices.
A "factory second" is a mattress and/or box spring that does not meet factory guidelines as set forth by the manufacturers.   After passing an inspection, these products are then determined to be ready for resale and come with Mattress Depot USA's in-store comfort guarantee.
 "We don't try to sell mattresses per se," Smith continued.  "We sell sleep, a good sleep."
But the mattress one sleeps on is important, and customers must make an informed choice if they want to get a good night's sleep. Although scientific research is not extensive about how mattress selection affects sleep, Smith and his sales staff - known as "sleep consultants" - do offer some good advice for finding the best mattress:
n About one-third of our lives is spent asleep, and most of that time is on a mattress.
n Soft and fluffy is not always the best buy, and the resulting poor support can result in aches and pains.
n On the other hand, a hard mattress can result in shoulder and hip discomfort.
n Finding the best mattress is a matter of personal choice, so buy what works best for you.
"We are very clear about listening to and educating our customers to what they need," Smith continued. "A good sleep is important, and we offer a large variety of mattresses and information to meet our customers' needs."
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