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Welcome to summer in the NW … come what may

Photo credit: Carissa Rogers/Pexels

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Once again, we provide our annual Summer Guide of the great Northwest -- a compilation of ideas to help you engage directly with all that the region offers. Of course, things are a little different this year than in the past.

Just how does a media company present ideas for the summer when no one exactly knows what will and won't be available?

We choose to focus this year on those activities that will be available under current social distancing rules set forth by the state of Washington. What you will find inside are fun ways to experience the local area this summer no matter if we are in masks and forced to stay six feet from each other ... or not.

We hope you enjoy these ideas. As you can see, this area provides plenty of exploration even with COVID-19, and we encourage you to get out and explore, eat or both.

We also invite you to stay connected to our daily digital products for even more great ideas. We are providing inspirations and news every day. We have continual suggestions of places to legally stretch your legs, great sites to visit online, plus breaking national and JBLM-related news and features. 

To tap into all of this, please visit You can sign up for our email blasts, connect to our social media and more. Also, keep picking up our newspapers -- the Ranger and Airlifter -- for even more local and national military news. These are great resources covering restrictions, benefits, military shopping updates, Madigan information and more. The best way to stay in the know is to pick up our newspaper and/or follow us on our social media at such Facebook pages as JBLM Families and Welcome to JBLM.

Again, we welcome you to The Evergreen State and we hope to get to know you while you are here.

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