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A monument in the way

The 91st Division's honor is CG's screen

Quarters One (center) and other general housing were built in 1934 with a monument blocking the commander's view of Mt. Rainier. Photo courtesy of the Tacoma Library

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The top flag officer on Joint Base Lewis-McChord has enjoyed the nicest home on the base for decades, however one thing has been a little in the way - the monument to the 91st Division.

On Memorial Day 1930, a monument to the first division to report to then Camp Lewis in 1917, was erected at the west end of the parade field on base.  It was paid for by the 91st Division Association, in honor to that unit that eventually saw intense action in France during World War I.  Designed by Avard Fairbanks, it still stands today in front of General's Row, the homes occupied by the base's flag officers, with the Commanding general's home, Quarters One, smack dab in the middle.  Those homes were built in 1934, and at the time, it is unclear if anyone recognized the downside to living there.  As they say in the real estate world, "location, location, location," and it just so happens that the 91st Monument blocks Quarters One's view of Mt. Rainier at the other end of the parade field.  Oops!

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