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DRINK(s): Bartender Interview at the Parkway

Meet Sean Jackson and Nicholas Brosier

Sean Jackson and Nicholas Brosier / photography by Steve Dunkelberger

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Sean Jackson is reminiscent of that friend in college who was way too into beer but somehow made it work for him. Nicholas Brosier seems like he would fit in with the cast of the ‘90s Brit-com, The Young Ones. Together they make up a dynamic duo of drinking at the Parkway Tavern.

NICHOLAS BROSIER: If we want something off the record, do we have to say "off the record?"

WEEKLY VOLCANO: Nothing is off the record - this is the Volcano. Who are you're regulars?

SEAN JACKSON: (It's a) neighborhood bar for sure. Anyone within walking distance. 

VOLCANO: How do you handle the riff-raff?

JACKSON: I usually go for the balls first, then the face.

BROSIER:  We're usually the two unruly ones.

VOLCANO: What do you drink when you get a chance to have beer?

JACKSON: Everything. My job is having a good base of knowledge on every beer I can get my hands on.

VOLCANO: Where do you drink if you are not here?

BROSIER: I'm pretty sure we're always here.

VOLCANO: Can the Volcano staff drink here for free?

BROSIER: Legally? No. (Wink) If we get a cover article I don't see why not.

VOLCANO: We'll look into that.

[Parkway Tavern, 313 N. I St. Tacoma, 253.383.8748]

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