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Monday, April 6: Charlie Saibel

Rhythm and Rye

Charlie Saibel / photo courtesy of Facebook

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Piano man Charlie Saibel is a superb musician, a versatile jazz/swing pianist and composer with an innovative sense of texture. He seems to have a lifelong fascination with genres, easily fitting in with honkey tonk, boogie woogie, blues, Latin, jazz, classic rock, plus seasonal and special occasions. He also morphs into any situation: Charlie Saibel and the Intrusions Jazz Trio, '60s rock band The T-Tops, 20-piece Basie-style Lakewood Community Jazz Band and others. Monday, he'll think more along the lines of jazz when he entertains during Rhythm and Rye's Monday Jazz Series.

CHARLIE SAIBEL, 8 p.m., Rhythm and Rye, 311 Capitol Way N., Olympia, $5, 360.705.0760

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