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Saturday, Jan. 10: Fantastic Animals EP Release Party

The New Frontier Lounge

Fantastic Animals

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The rock concept album lives! Tommy told the story of a deaf, dumb and blind kid who became a wizard of some kind. Yoshimi battled some pink robots on a Flaming Lips record. Styx rebelled against a bleak, totalitarian future with rock-n-roll in Kilroy Was Here. And now, the Fantastic Animals' new EP, The Walls Will Speak to Break the Curse,explores the lifetime of a man who grew up at the beginning of the new millennium - a narrative divided into five different segments, each one covering a different period of perspective and experience. OK, not quite as grand in theme as the aforementioned concept albums, but Walls is only 21 minutes long - a short story in comparison to those epic, novel-length LPs. Saturday, the band celebrates Walls' release at The New Frontier, where presumably they'll play the opus in its entirety. Filling out the bill are J. Martin, Bes and Wow, Laura. Maybe the band will put out a sequel to this EP in which the main character fights a giant, pink pinball machine named Mr. Roboto. Domo arigato, Fantastic Animals. Domo arigato.

FANTASTIC ANIMALS EP RELEASE PARTY, w/ J. Martin, Bes, and Wow, Laura, 9 p.m., The New Frontier Lounge, 301 E. 25th St., Tacoma, $5, 253.572.4020

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