Friday, Oct. 24: Shayla Renee

Cultura Events Center

By Jose Gutierrez Jr., M.Ed. on October 23, 2014

Friday night should be a wild one at Cultura Event Center in Tacoma, as the scantily clad Shayla Renee hosts her record release party for her debut, Nothin' Nice. The Seattle-area native and modelesque rapper/singer is representing the epitome of sex, "ratchetness" and materialism - and of course that's what people are demanding at this moment in music. She's not shy - with tracks entitled "My Dome's The Greatest," "Broke Azz N----z" and "Pizza" - but she's also not delivering any new subject matter. Her voice is worth a listen, however, once her tracks are mixed and mastered, which is the point of her release party. So, whether or not you enjoy her sound and lyrics, she appears to be a staunch personality with a image to match.

SHAYLA RENEE NOTHIN' NICE RELEASE PARTY, 5 p.m., 21+, Cultura Events Center, 5602 S. Washington St., Tacoma, $30, 253.444.2314