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Friday, July 4-Sunday, July 6: City of Neighborhood's Front Yard Barbecue


Move your barbecue to the front yard this Fourth of July.

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Hey, neighbor! What's that you're cooking? It smells simply delish. Mind if I help myself to one of those burgers? You don't? And you insist I take some potato chips, as well? And some egg salad? Wait a minute. This is just getting weird now. I came over here to mooch and I didn't expect to be treated with such hospitality. What? It's a "Front Yard Barbecue," where you invite your neighbors to a barbecue in a community-building exercise? And this is a nation-wide event that happens over the Fourth of July weekend? And those who don't have a backyard can still use any park, plaza or public space? Hmpff. OK, so what if last year more than 30 front yard barbecues took place in the Tacoma area alone? That won't change the beautiful relationship we have, will it? I know, I know. It's just not the same when I come over and you give me food. ... Say, are you barbecuing on Labor Day?

City of Neighborhood's Front Yard Barbecue, July 4-7, to host or attend an event, go to

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