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Sunday, Nov. 3: Blowfly

The Brotherhood Lounge

Blowfly: He'll fit right in at The Brotherhood Lounge.

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Dirty rhymes, sexy times, shit-talkin', costume-wearing, debauchery and brilliant parodies have led many to cite Blowfly as the father of rap. Since the early '70s Blowfly has made more than 40 albums, some clean, under his birth name Clarence Reid, and most dirty, with titles like "Funk You" and "'Electronic Pussy Sucker." Now, Blowfly is on tour promoting his new album, Black in the Sack, and will hit up The Brotherhood Lounge in Olympia with local rawkers Mosquito Hawk, who have their own special blend of sexy songs and space travel. "I'm looking forward to playing Olympia," said Tom Bowker, drummer for Blowfly, "It has this rep of being a cool place where it's easy to be an oddball, which is great because Blowfly is King of Freaks."

BLOWFLY, w/Mosquito Hawk, 9 p.m., Brotherhood Lounge, 119 Capitol Way, Olympia, $7, 360.352.4153

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