Thursday, Oct. 14: Machina Muerte Grindtime Tour

The Royal Lounge

By Jose Gutierrez Jr., M.Ed. on October 11, 2010

This is a big one... big. For one, Nicatine and his Homeland Security team are bringing LuckyIAm of The Living Legends/Mystik Journeymen, Mestizo, Rollin' Rockers, Cadalack Ron, Afrok and your own El Goonie (contributor with the Weekly Volcano and DJ extraordinaire) to Olympia Thursday Oct 14. But it doesn't stop there. Also bringing the ruckus to the stage is Grind Time co-owner/CEO, Lush One, who will host one of the monumental battles in the world's largest rap league right in downtown Olympia. 

Read my column here for the full scoop.

[The Royal Lounge, Machina Muerte Grindtime Tour featuring LuckyIAm, Mestizo, Rolling Rockers, Cadalack Ron, Afrok, El Goonie, Thursday, Oct. 14, 9 p.m., $7, 311 Capitol Way, Olympia]