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3 Drinks: All decked out for summer

Quenching thirst at Laura’s Bayview Bar and Grill

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As summer lazily approaches us here in the Pacific Northwest, a certain list comes to mind: Top 5 hidden secret decks in which to celebrate summer, all with views of Commencement Bay.  I'd love to tell you all five of these hidden secret decks, but they're hidden and secret for a reason.  Also, a few of them are privately owned (yet the public sometimes infiltrates by invitation), so I wouldn't want to give those up for fear of never being invited back.

Instead, I'll tell you about just one of those hidden secret decks that is very much open to the public: Laura's Bayview Bar & Grill.

Located across the street from the most awesome Doyle's Public House, Laura's Bayview is a neighborhood gem that must be untapped.  Disregard the simple decor and tiny space upon entrance and pass by the minuscule bar area - what's beyond that is one of the best hidden secret water-view decks.

As Pappi Swarner, Mr. DeRosa and I did, I recommend that you stop by on a midweek evening and allow yourself to be served alcoholic drinks (Three if them, perhaps?) by The Fun Police's lead singer, Kevin Schulz.

First Drink: Bartender's Choice - Muddled Orange Martini

Grey Goose Vodka simply muddled with fresh orange.  The drink was pure and clean with a hint of summer fruit.  Crisp and to the point.

Second Drink: Most Popular - Mai Tai

I think Kevin just wanted to make us a Mai Tai. I'm not really sure it was the most popular drink and that Kevin was reminiscing about his days of freedom and travel.  Although, it should be the most popular because goddamn that thing was easy to gulp.  Not overdone on the rum nor the juices, but instead a perfect balance of tropical summertime bliss.

Third Drink: My Choice - Argento Reserva 2009 Malbec

Deep and oak-y, just like I like it.  Pappi Swarner was just here for the ride, following my lead and partaking in the same drinks I was.  He wasn't shocked that my last drink would end with red wine, it's a habit of mine to end with something that pairs with dessert.

What we weren't prepared for - yet happy to oblige - was Laura's offering of an entire Argento bottle.  Hell yeah. 

In the company of fine men, happy water views and a bottle of red wine - helloooooo summer!

[Laura's Bayview Bar & Grill - 229

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