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Tempest Lounge (Closed)

A pigeonhole-in-one

Tempest Lounge

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I pigeonhole bars. I try not to, but it comes with the territory. I visit a bar for one or two nights, and based on what I see I write a review. Do I understand it's possible that Charlie's Chuck Wagon isn't sleazy every night of the week? Sure. But the night I went to Charlie's there were more nipples showing on the dance floor then there were throughout Eyes Wide Shut. So I called the place sleazy. Enjoyable, but sleazy.

This time it's Tempest Lounge on Tacoma's Hilltop that I'm pigeonholing. So here goes:

Tempest is a cool fucking spot. And a place I would go to meet a chick.

Dammit, Tempest. You forced me to say it.

Let me preface with the caveats. Tempest isn't crawling with horny, mini-skirt wearing women dying to ride in my station wagon. In fact, judging by the amount of 30-something ladies smooching other ladies, it quickly becomes obvious that your best bet for meeting une autre is if you're a lesbian. 

But regardless of my seeming gender disadvantage, Tempest is great spot to meet women. Why? Because it's a cool bar. The red lighting, tight quarters and plethora of table lamps give off a strong aura of coolness. The DJ (DJ Dab this night) plays an interesting techno-calypso infusion. The patrons sport hip hairstyles, artist's jackets and leather boots. Walking into the place, you immediately feel suave. Cool with a capitol C.

Taking one of the small seats near the back, I'm not sure how to approach any of the few single ladies. See, months and months of meat-marketing have put a kink in my game. These girls under the red lights are classy and different. They might have something to say. 

So I spend the night second guessing my lines and, unfortunately, don't really talk to anyone. Still, I really enjoy the place. Tempest is the kind of bar I want as my local spot. Because I know with the right lady, the right mix of cocktails and the right conversation, I could meet someone at Tempest.

If Charlie's Chuck Wagon hasn't forever ruined my conversation skills, that is.

[Tempest Lounge, weekend DJs, no cover, 913 Martin Luther King Jr. Way, Tacoma, 253.272.4904]

LINK: Second Fridays at Tempest Lounge

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