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1022 South

Mingling martini a little dry

Photo credit: Patrick Snapp

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Not much can be said about 1022 South that hasn't already been said. Everyone has sung the bar's praises. I mean, even a writer from New York called 1022, "home to some of the most fascinating apothecary cocktail work on the West Coast." And I agree.

Unlike the New York Times writer, however, I'm not paid to pontificate on the greatness of 1022's cocktails. I'm paid to evaluate Joe Everyperson's chances of meeting a significant other at the bar.

Though 1022 is home to some of the West Coast's best mixologists, this hookup-ologist thinks the meat market well is a bit dry.

As a drinker's destination, 1022 is certainly a treat. Its dark, stylized interior and gorgeous bar are nothing short of stunning. Beautiful bartenders and an in-vogue music selection add to the appeal. Of course, the real draw of 1022 is the cocktails. From perfectly prepared Old Fashions to the perfectly named Under the Volcano's, 1022 is unbeatable when it comes to drinks. Trusting the waitress, I order a whiskey-based apothecary cup (bartender's choice). It's served in a fancy glass and tastes like a Jamba Juice infused with booze.

Please don't let this poor-man's description turn you off. New York Times drink critic I am not. The cocktails are really, really good.

Unfortunately, the chances of hooking up at 1022 aren't anywhere near as sure as the drinks. While I can see the occasional tall, dark and handsome chatting up a slender-legged lady over lavender cocktails, I have to imagine this is an exception rather than a rule. 1022's intimate setting and classy decorum don't lend well to the devil-may-care recklessness required for random meetings. Too many drinks would be spilled. Coarse flirting would sully the atmosphere. 1022 is perfect for a date night and a fine spot for a small group to celebrate, but for those looking to meet someone new, the place isn't top shelf.

Yet I'm no animal. I can definitely appreciate good booze over new sexy-partner banter. Plus with drinks this good, who needs to hookup anyway? 

[1022 South, 1022 South J St., Tacoma, 253.627.8588]

LINK: 1022 South's layers of taste


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