Tuesdays-Saturdays: Mingle among the laughs

Tacoma Comedy Club

By Steve Dunkelberger on April 11, 2011

Having moved from its corner spot inside Malarkey's to the massive space at 933 Market St., the Tacoma Comedy Club is ready to amp up the yucks. With all but one Saturday sold out at its former 150-seat location, the club needed more space after just five months of operation.

The new digs offers 250 seats, which could lead to bigger named acts.

Toss in Tuesday songwriters' night, open mic comedy on Wednesdays and stand up Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and the spot are going to likely stay busy.

Try the Chuck Norris: a drink that sneaks up on you then kicks your ass.

Tacoma Comedy Club

933 Market St., Tacoma