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Saturday, Oct. 18: DJ Kid One

1230 Room

The 1230 Room is located in the heart of downtown Olympia.

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Everyone throws birthday parties, but when a great DJ throws his or hers own birthday party, it's time to show up. Enter DJ Kid One.  The San Diego, California, transplant has been ripping South Sound dance floors for the past few years with his intense party-rocking style. Saturday, he'll celebrate his 33rd birthday in style with a dress-up, suit and tie and cocktail-dress-esque night at Olympia's swankiest (if there is such a thing-this-is-it-spot) club, 1230 Room. Most often associated with the EDM (electronic dance music) stylings and sub-genres of dubstep mixed with rap and trap sounds, Kid One will likely take the tables for a bit during the night, which is usually hosted by The Tastemakers (Alex Bosi and Chris Paro) Saturdays. This is sure to be a pretty active night full of party people, drinks and removal of some level of clothing, if the formula goes as planned.

KID ONE'S SUIT & TIE BURFDAY, 9 p.m., 1230 Room, 120 Fourth Ave., Olympia, $5, 360.352.1230

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