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State lawmakers help military

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State lawmakers help military

HB 1137 - National Guard pay/wildland fires: Modifies pay for National Guard members in active state service. Directs the adjutant general to establish a pay scale for National Guard wildfire response, which takes into account experience and responsibility ESHB 1138 - Tenancy termination/military: Amends provisions in the Residential Landlord Tenant Act

Student, engineer, soldier all in one

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Student, engineer, soldier all in one

Spc. Arshia Gill is breaking the mold and has become one of the many new female soldiers stepping into a combat military occupational specialties. But, for Gill, she's become more than just a trail blazer, she's an engineer, a student and a soldier all wrapped up into one. Gill is a

WA Guardsman awarded  Howard O. Scott Award

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WA Guardsman awarded Howard O. Scott Award

While he's most often seen in his Tacoma Police uniform, it's his successful military career that earned Lt. Col. Mike Ake the prestigious Howard O. Scott Award.   "I want to thank everyone that has been a mentor to me along the way," said Ake. "It meant a lot to me." For

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McChord Flightline Chatter

WADS able to scramble jets faster

When an unidentified aircraft comes up on the screens at the Western Air Defense Sector, it took 18 distinct steps and a whole host of people to decide whether to scramble jets and determine if the aircraft posed a threat. Today, after a vigorous process improvement effort, it now takes three

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