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JBLM has a hydro bus

As part of a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Initiative, Joint Base Lewis-McChord received a hydrogen bus last year to develop a route to take Airmen and Soldiers, civilian employees and family members around the installation. The JBLM Duty Shuttle begins service on Monday. The

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Fire department makes room for confined space training

Firefighter Anthony Taylor crawled down into the C-17 wing and maneuvered himself into a cramped space. With his arms and legs in various holes within the wing, he was ready - to be rescued. The Joint Base Lewis-McChord firefighters were participating in confined space training last week.

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Servicemembers may see fewer tax refunds this year

After a record breaking year saving Joint Base Lewis-McChord Soldiers and retirees over $1 million on filing their tax returns and generating $16.6 million in refunds from the 7,800 federal and state returns, the JBLM Tax Center is preparing for another busy year. However, servicemembers may

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