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Windfall of hardcore, prog rock talent

The Fall of Troy set to conquer Hell's Kitchen

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Bobble Tiki feels right at home on the Internet. It’s a place that fits him. For one, facts and reality matter very little on the Internet.  Secondly, most people on the Internet are topless. In those respects, the Internet is, basically, like a Tiki family reunion.

If you haven’t heard yet, Bobble Tiki is about to be spending a lot more time on the Internet. In an effort to lure even more unsuspecting pupils to the Weekly Volcano’s website – - every week either Matt Driscoll’s Rock Rhetoric column or Bobble Tiki’s Tiki Logic column (which you’re reading right now) will appear online only. It’ll be an Internet only rotation of sorts – alternating week to week – and this week Bobble Tiki makes his online only debut.

Only, since this is the Internet – and anything is possible – Bobble Tiki will be doing so with the Photoshopped abs of Richard Greico – circa 1989.


This week, perhaps because there was no one better suited for the job or perhaps because new Volcano editor Matt Driscoll gets a kick out of watching Bobble Tiki trying to decipher the hip lingo, thought patterns and terminologies of today’s youth, Bobble Tiki caught up with The Fall of Troy - the three-piece prog rock sensation from Mukilteo hitting Hell's Kitchen on Sunday, Dec. 14 for a show sponsored by 107.7 the End. You see, these math rockers have a sound memorable and monstrous even major radio stations are taking note.

Together since 2002 - and high school, nonetheless - The Fall of Troy has four albums to its credit, and with each release the band has displayed increased musical competency and confidence. An explosive mix of hardcore templates streaked with jazz and prog rock deviations - often drawing comparisons to the likes of Rush and At the Drive In - The Fall of Troy has had an upward trajectory since Day One.

In November, the band released Phantom on the Horizon - an EP available only at shows and for download that ranks as the band's most epic work to date. Not at all a collection of random songs and emotions, the record is a story that The Fall of Troy leader and lead guitarist and singer Thomas Erak has had stewing in his math-rocky cranium for some time.

"It's an adventure. It's a trip. It's about my life. It's about anyone's life. Anyway you want to look at it," says Erak of Phantom on the Horizon. "It's a concept I've come to about life during the last five years. "

"This is art. I'm very sorry that a lot of kids don't understand that," continues Erak, in regards to the avant-garde hardcore sound that his band has only refined over time. "We're getting older now. We're starting to like different stuff - more maturity and more melody. We don’t' have so much to scream about. We have more to create about.

"All good things come with time. This band is a good example."

The three guys who make up The Fall of Troy - which, these days is bassist Frank Black and drummer Andrew Forsman - along with Erak - maybe getting older, but they've still got enough youthful spit and vinegar to keep them active. Phantom on the Horizon - made up of songs and ideas the band has been cultivating for some time -may have dropped in late November, but the band already has plans to release its next full-length effort sometime in 2009.

But before all that, The Fall of Troy will be at Hell's Kitchen this Sunday for a show sponsored by 107.7 the End. Judging by the hype - and the band's actual talent - this is one show that hardcore fans probably don't want to miss.

As usual, Bobble Tiki doesn't care what you do this week because he doesn't even know you. Surprise, surprise. Unless you can tell Bobble Tiki where to find a sanitary towelette after spending all this time on the Internet, then he's fairly certain he doesn't want meet you, either. Sorry about that. Check out for all your South Sound Internet needs - as you're obviously doing - and consider that close enough. If you got any closer to Bobble Tiki you could see he's flying by the seat of his Tiki pants.

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