Johnny’s at Fife

Get your Goulet on

By Steph DeRosa on December 11, 2008

Johnny’s at Fife

Who knew Fife was such a hot traveler’s destination? I sure as hell never would’ve guessed it. Conveniently located within the same parking lot as Motel 6 off Interstate 5 in Fife, Johnny’s at Fife restaurant hosts a gift shop that rivals the Bellagio in Las Vegas. No, not really. But just imagine: some retired woman traveling cross country in her Westalia will pick, out of all the other cool places in the Pacific Northwest, Motel 6 as her overnight accommodation. She will indeed crave a pancake breakfast come 4 p.m., so inside Johnny’s she will go. She will drop $20 on some pull tabs and pay $35 inside the gift shop for a zip-up red hoody with the words “Johnny’s at Fife” stamped across the front. Best part is she’ll proudly sport that shit at the next place she hits, which will most likely be Muckelshoot Casino. If only she was 30 years younger, she’d definitely scoop up some of those fine Johnny’s shot glasses.

I freakin’ LOVED Johnny’s at Fife’s lounge. It reminded me of a bigger, nicer Diamond Jim’s. This place is a throwback to the ’70s with no marks of wear and tear. Every shiny, tear-free, cushy booth and captain chair offers perfect viewing for their infamously busy Karaoke nights. And let me tell you, the Karaoke at Johnny’s is no joke. I expected Robert Goulet to pop out of the wood paneling and break into a throaty verse.

It was easy to sink into the Johnny’s comfort for a few hours as I downed $1 Bud Light drafts and watched my boys in tight pants throw around the pigskin on TV. Nothing was dirty, cluttered, or weird about Johnny’s lounge — it simply felt like my living room, wood paneling and all.


Johnny’s at Fife

5211 20th St. E., Fife, 253.922.6686

Service: Tanya hustled her ass off to keep up with my thirst.

Food: Fish ’n’ Chips all the way, baby.

Beer: Meh selection.

Bar Exam Dive Grade: C (Not divey enough)