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Debbie DeLong

My mom steps up

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Between the snow, my car buried under a mound of ice and a neurotic grandmother I haven’t left the house in a last week. Unless it’s with my dad in his car that’s slathered in chains to go to the supermarket to stock up on more food, just in case we get snowed in more. I have been packed into a house the size of a phone booth with more food then all of Tacoma had stored away for Y2K and a loud, constantly eating, swearing like sailors bunch, known as my family.

Sweats and pajamas have been the only fashion inspirations to choose from for my column this week until my mom decided to break away from the pack and dress up.

Debbie DeLong was spotted playing scrabble in front of the fire in Hudson jeans from Dame Lola, and imitation Ugg boots from Costco. She perfected the “layered look” with a warm colored Charlotte cap sleeve sweater from Nordstrom, black top from Wet Seal, both over a simple purple tank from Tiki Lounge.

She completes her look with lavish accessories, a vintage ring from Poland, and a necklace purchased at a gem show by her girlfriend.

DeLong proves that even when stuck inside, it’s still possible to be cute and cozy in layers and look as beautiful as the scenery out the window.

Thanks mom!

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