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Eat well

Ed Murrieta aims to do just that with South Sound Eats

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It would seem that former News Tribune food critic Ed Murrieta left the paper rather abruptly a few months back and then fell off the face of the earth. I was fortunate to run unto Murrieta recently and probe him for the “dirt” on why he left the TNT and where he is currently heading.

SANDEE GLIB: Ed, why did you leave The News Tribune?

ED MURRIETA: I’ve always been hungry to do my own thing.

GLIB: Can you elaborate?

MURRIETA: It’s called South Sound Eats. It’s a fully interactive online food community.

GLIB: How will South Sound Eats be different from Ed’s Diner?

MURRIETA: Add organic steroids and shake! We’ve got six blogs —restaurants, wine, beer, home cooking, a guest chef, and cheese. There’ll be dining and shopping guides, free classifieds, user-generated reviews and photo galleries. We’re doing wine- and beer-tasting events in stores and bars. And we’re raising money for local food charities. Eat well, do good, that’s my motto.

GLIB: Mmmm, cheese … Sorry, I got lost for a moment. This sounds like a lot of work. Do you have any help?

MURRIETA: Yeah, well, we all love cheese. I’m working with Kris Blondin; she used to own Vin Grotto Wine Bar and Cafe. We’re working with other people who used to contribute to Ed’s Diner.

GLIB: Glad to see Kris will back on the food scene. It’s about time. Will your readers get to meet you and finally see “the man behind the menu”?

MURRIETA: But of course! That’s what South Sound Eats is all about, sister — a community where we come together and share food, wine and beer. I’m no longer dining alone and anonymous: My readers eat and drink with me this time.

GLIB: Where do I sign up for a dinner date with Ed?

MURRIETA: Membership has its privileges. When I say join, I mean join

GLIB: When can we expect the site to be up and running?

MURRIETA: Before Thanksgiving. Sign up at and we’ll tell you when we’re live.

GLIB: Before you go Ed, what do YOU like to eat? Or let me rephrase this in a creepy way: If you were on death row, what would be your final meal?

MURRIETA: Seeing as how I’m on death row — in your question, of course — I’d be compelled to eat an endangered species. Perverse and delicious on one fork. Otherwise, just give me something straight forward: a rare rib-eye, green vegetables, red wine and crusty bread. That was my dinner tonight.

GLIB: Creepy indeed. Thanks Ed. Best of luck on your new venture.

MURRIETA: Thanks Sandee. You too …

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