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Best clothing stores, salons and more

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Best Spot To Buy Jeans

Jeans are the most un-fun thing to shop for next to bathing suits. Judging your butt in the mirror, jumping up and down just to pull on what feels like an extra pair of skin and doing a hundred squats to stretch them — only to have them bag out later, giving the world a peep show of your panties every time you bend over. To minimize the pain of jean shopping and find the hottest brands that will fit your body right, go to the Redline on Sixth Avenue. Fluffy Pomeranians will greet you at the door, and the personable, honest staff won’t let you leave feeling anything less than glamorous. With labels like William Rast and True Religion in all different cuts and fits it’s almost impossible to not find a pair that hugs in all the right places, accentuates your assets, and makes jean shopping fun. — Alexandra DeLong

[Redline, 2503 Sixth Ave., 253.627.9910]

Best Second-Hand Store

Looking for a steal of a deal on clothes? urbanXchange on Pacific Avenue downtown is the most fabulous second hand store in all of Tacoma. My favorite thing about this boutique, besides its laid-back vibe and chill style, is that you can bring in your old clothes and get paid for them! So trade out those ol’ duds lying around in your closet and walk out with either cash in your pocket or a new cool outift. This store proves that one person’s trash really is another’s treasure. Each article of clothing within the store is hand-selected, so only the top quality, most fashionable clothes are waiting on the racks for you to rummage through in search of the next great piece to add to your wardrobe. — AD

[urbanXchange, 1934 Pacific Ave., 253.572.2280]

Best Bra Shopping

I try to avoid the dreaded mall at all costs. There is nothing worse than screaming children on leashes and crowds of teens roaming around obnoxiously with nothing better to do than to get in the way of your shopping experience. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a cute boutique that sells a diverse selection of bras. So for the best place to buy a bra in Tacoma, you rather regrettably have to truck on out to the mall to Nordstrom. Their knowledgeable staff and complementary sizing will help you find the most comfortable, best fitting bra so you can look and feel good in and out of your clothes. So support your style and chest in sexy fun brands like Betsy Johnson, Calvin Klein and DKNY. And for all you entrepreneurs out there, save us from the mall, open a sexy sultry lingerie boutique, Tacoma needs one! — AD

[Nordstrom, 4502 S. Steele #800, 253.475.3630]

Best Men’s Clothing Store

Tacoma’s best men’s clothing store is also one of the city’s best kept secrets. McCausland’s has been open for 35 years, lies hidden in between Bebe Salon and Bella Latte on Tacoma Mall Boulevard. This seems to be the only boutique solely for men in Tacoma, with most of the clothes imported from Italy, Germany and Spain. The shirts, sweaters and socks are made from the finest fabrics. This store has everything from cologne by Tino Cosma, Maui Jim sunglasses to Corneliani suits. There are Golf shirts and exquisite leather jackets. Even Flying Jackets for anyone who is a pilot or just wants to look like one in this beautifully distressed leather. There is even something for the cowboy in you — leather boots, belt buckles and jackets. — AD

[McCausland’s Mens Clothing, 6450 Tacoma Mall Blvd., 253.473.SUIT]

Best Women’s Clothing Store

This is a tough one. No one store reigns above all the rest. Tacoma has lucked out by acquiring so many eclectic boutiques, any one of which could easily be the best. For young adults and juniors the Tiki Lounge is number one. Carrying fun brands like Michael Stars and Velvet, and funky wooden jewelry from Brazil and Thailand. It’s in the perfect location on St. Helen’s near Stadium High School. For women wanting high fashion style and one-of-a-kind pieces with brands such as Young Fabulous and Broke or Rebecca Taylor — look no farther than Dame Lola. A beautifully designed boutique that feels like you stepped out of Tacoma into New York’s fashion week. Both stores are close to Enoteca wine bar — the perfect place to celebrate the new you. — AD

[Tiki Lounge, 17 N. Tacoma Ave., 253.593.5300]

[Dame Lola, 8 N. Tacoma Ave., 253.272.4140]

Best Place To Buy A Dress For Zoobilee

Everyone seems to be searching for that perfect dress to enhance an already promised magical evening. One place to definitely search for your flirty satin or silk frock is Rocky & Coco’s boutique on St. Helen’s. Known for their cute contemporary style, this enchanting store has decided to branch out to evening wear as well. Now carrying part of Diane Von Furstenburg’s collection as well as New Collective dresses, this is one place your lovely date wont mind being dragged to — with a healthy men’s collection (mostly from the L.A. market) for them to rummage through, leaving you free to throw on and model as many dresses as you want. — AD

[Rocky & Coco’s, 750 St. Helens Ave., 253.274.0606]

Best Place To Buy Beauty Supplies

We all need the right beauty supplies. Whether it’s our signature hair color or eyeshadow to make our peepers pop, we need to know where to get the best products, to look and feel our best. Sally Beauty Supply located off Union near Target and Top Foods is the answer to all your beauty needs. This chain has been featured in Cosmo Teen, Allure and Shape Magazine as a trendy, hip and helpful place to get any and all things beautiful. Carrying everything from flat irons to waxing kits, this is a one-stop shop to do a complete makeover on your look and feel fabulous. Looking sexy doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and by buying your supplies at Sally’s it won’t have to. — AD

[Sally Beauty Supply, 3202 S. 23rd St., 253.593.3662]

Best Nail Salon

I’ll admit it openly: I’m a spoiled brat when it comes to my nails and my toes, and I demand perfection out of my salon. The one establishment in town that always pleases is V Nails. Tracy and her crew take such excellent care of me (and put up with my particulars) each and every week, in full sets, fills, pedicures (you MUST try the deluxe pedi!) and waxing. V Nails is a beautiful, relaxing and very clean salon, and it’s my getaway from life’s endless demands. Even better, Tracy laughs at me when I explain that I need her to apply China Glaze’s Liquid Leather black polish to match my Ryan Loiselle designed shirt that says Satan across my chest. Another favorite is OPI’s I Don’t Do Dishes red, which you should pick as your color just for the sake of the name. — Natasha Gorbachev

[V Nails, 3713 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253.472.2297]

Best Tacoma Pharmacy

Supporting your locally owned pharmacy is an important thing to do, especially when you have a pharmacy in your community that’s as caring and giving as Rankos Stadium Pharmacy. Rankos was founded in 1929 by George and Katherine Rankos and is owned by George’s son Greg, his wife, Deanna Crews-Rankos, and Liz Rankos. All three of the current owners are directly involved in their community in so many ways, be it serving on the Stadium Business District, lobbying for the needs of their area or helping to support special events, as in the recent success that was the Stadium Art and Wine Walk. Rankos is proud of the fact that they’re able to keep their prescription prices as low as possible (even lower than prices from large chain pharmacies). I’ve honestly told the Rankos family that I really want to get sick just so I’ll need to regularly fill prescriptions there. Even if you’re not sick, Rankos has great gifts and treats for any occasion. — NG

[Rankos Stadium Pharmacy, 101 N. Tacoma Ave., Tacoma, 253.383.2411]

Best Downtown Tacoma Merchant

If you don’t know about LeRoy Jewelers and the Art Stop, you should lose your title as a Tacoman. LeRoy Jewelers has been in business since 1941, and it’s operated by the incredible husband and wife team in Steph Farber and Phyllis Harrison. I’ve also had a chance to see these two fine individuals in action through the Downtown Tacoma Merchants Group, First Night and in advocating for the needs of small businesses, artists, the right thing to do and much, much more in Tacoma City Hall. I have the utmost respect for the thoughts, opinions and perspectives that Steph and Phyllis provide, and I love how special they make each of us feel every time we set foot in LeRoy. Being the endowed woman that I am, I absolutely loved their billboard advertising campaign that read, “Tired of men looking at your breasts?” Indeed! If you’ve never been to LeRoy Jewelers, I really hope you’ll patronize their business because I know very few people who care about downtown Tacoma as much as Phyllis and Steph. — NG

[LeRoy Jewelers/Art Stop, 940 Broadway, Tacoma, 253.272.3377]

Best Doorknob Collection

I had a roommate in college we used to call “doorknob,” because every guy got a turn, but that’s beside the point. Cheryl and Alan of Sanford and Son Antiques have managed to strong-arm the doorknob competition by stealing the lead in this crazy door-loving world. The most precious and valuable doorknobs are kept under protective glass case, leaving only your visual senses the opportunity to fall in love with such fine gems. Although, I heard if you slip Alan a solid dollar bill he’ll show you his collection of doorknobs any time you want. Cheryl, she’s not so easy. — Steph DeRosa

[Sanford and Son Antiques, 743 Broadway, Tacoma, 253.272.0334]

Best Convenience Store

Choosing Tacoma’s best quickie-mart or corner store is kind of impossible. Not because there’s probably not a best one out there, but because everyone’s favorite convenience store depends on where they live. The point of a convenience store is convenience, after all — and no one is likely to drive, walk or ride their retro scooter across town simply because they prefer a particular 7-Eleven. With that in mind, I must say my favorite convenience store is the 7-Eleven at Sixth and Alder. They have most of the things I look for from a convenience store: like Vitamin Water, beef jerky, tall boys and scratch tickets — plus I just really like the crew at Sixth and Alder. Those people put up with more 2 a.m. s*** from Sixth Avenue’s spilling-out drunks than most bartenders — and they don’t even make tips. That deserves commending. — Matt Driscoll

[7-Eleven, Sixth and Alder, Tacoma]



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