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Time to celebrate

Join me at the Top of Tacoma tonight.

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I have nothing but good news and high-road views for all of you tasty little readers this week.

For those who have been following my caped-crusading experiences in the hell that’s commonly known as Math 108, or Statistics, I’d like you all to know that I’m cruising into this week’s final with a 91 percent. How does that translate to a girl like me? That means I can completely flunk the final and still come up a complete winner.

However, being the overachiever that I am, I’m not going to settle for an F on that final, which is why I’m currently studying like a maniac. I just conquered the last chapter of that stupid freakin’ class, and I think I’m ready to punch that final in the throat and take it on like a conquistador.

I have absolutely no idea how I managed to pull this off amongst all that life has been dishing up lately, but I’m not going to second guess it, and I’m going to thank my lucky stars that I was born with the kind of smarty pants that help me defeat obstacles.

Thus, by the time you’re reading these words, I’ll be forever done with that Statistics chaos, and I’ll be setting in for a celebration unlike any that you’ve seen out of me because this class was harder than most that I took to earn my bachelor’s degree.

Now I’m just hopeful that The Evergreen State College will accept me into their master’s program (the Statistics class was a prerequisite to get in). I should be hearing back from them soon regarding my application. Fingers crossed.

As for some additional great news, and speaking of percentages, I am 100 percent elated to let all of you know that I’m a member of the 2008 40 Under 40 class in the Business Examiner. If you don’t know what that is, it means that the community has nominated yours truly as one of the most influential community members under that age of 40 within Pierce County. This is such an honor, and it‘s just one more reason why I need to let the good times roll.

Even better, this colossal construction project that I’ve been helping to manage over the last two-plus years is coming to an end this week, and the timing on that completion couldn’t be any better with the rest of this mix.

So how am I going to celebrate?

Well, tonight you’ll find me at one place, and one place only:

The Top of Tacoma is hosting a free rock show with the Dirty Knockers, Tough Times and And Those Who Were Dragged, and you can bet that I’ll be raising the glass(es) in happiness, appreciation and metal.

Speaking of metal, I got to celebrate Brian Redman’s birthday at Masa last Sunday. He’s from Doyle’s Public House and the Dirty Knockers band. Of course, he turned his birthday party into a rock show and the Dirty Knockers and Lozen (incredible metal girl band) played. If you haven’t seen Brian’s band play, let me just say that the Dirty Knockers and their music are so hot that they give girls underwear surprises, or maybe I should just speak for my own panties.

Naturally, that’s why I’ll be at the Top tonight for this sweet show that’s arriving just in time for the comfortable cerebral numbing that I really need.

Salud, my lovers!


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