Shopping for sex day

Plus: Dame Lola moves

By Jennifer Johnson on February 7, 2008

What I blew my paycheck on this week.

Lover’s Package

Plain and simple, I think Valentine’s Day blows. It’s just another holiday pushed by the greeting card companies, the chocolate factories, florists and every restaurant around (does anyone really need an excuse to go out to eat?) via every media outlet known to mankind. If you’re feeling the pressures to spend money and buy something tangible as a way to prove your undying love (or at least strident interest) for someone, you should at least get some ... er, I mean something out of it, too. Lover’s Package is a chain store focused on pleasure … er, I mean pleasing its customers with great sales people who are jovial and nonchalant as they bluntly ask, “Can we help you find something?” and they really will walk you right over to whatever adult item you mumble about and then make suggestions on what products are rated better than others. It’s like asking about tires at Goodyear, except you don’t put these rubbers on cars.

From tame to tawdry, sex kitten to scary dominatrix, Lovers Package sells lingerie hot enough to finish melting the polar ice caps. Drop in to discover DVDs, creams, potions, tickly toys, and devilish whips to tantalize your naughty bits. It’s worth the trip just to be able to say, “Show me to your battery-powered spanker.” Meow!

[Lovers Package, 7002 Tacoma Mall Blvd. Ste. F Tacoma, 253.475.2271]

Dame Lola

Rebecca Dashow’s ultra adorable boutique, Dame Lola, will reopen in a new neighborhood this coming March. Dashow shares that her “1930s girly inspired boutique is getting a new, updated sleek and modern look with a girly twist.” Dashow further promises that the shop will have a “new look, fabulous new clothing lines,” so ladies, ladies, ladies, hang on to that money burning a hole in your very fashionable handbag for just a bit longer. You won’t be sorry you did when you see amazing new lines by Tibi, zooey tees, and jeans by 18th Amendment in addition to all of the great styles Dashow is known for carrying.

Dame Lola will open in the Stadium District next to Franco the Tailor. Owner Rebecca Dashow throws a great party, so watch out for her big grand re-opening with treats, music and, of course, a fashion show. This is one of those events that you write in your day-planner or key into your Blackberry. Keep your fingers crossed; Rebecca is shooting for opening the week of March 17.

[Dame Lola, 8 Tacoma Ave. North, Tacoma, 253.272.4140,]