Red legs, blue legs

Show off your legs this winter.

By Julie Jordan on February 7, 2008

You’ve worked hard on those lean legs all year long, so why cover them up during winter? Tights and leggings are a great way to show off your stems during the frigid months, but not just any ol’ pair will do.

While shamelessly Internet shopping last weekend, I came across what I dare to call the sweetest tights ever. Zukale & Huoviala, a funky twosome based out of Helsinki, Finland, began their line of hand-printed clothing and accessories in 2003. Luckly for us, they just started selling their goods stateside. (

It’s true, the bright colored hosiery reminds me of the “shot through the heart” era of my adolescence, but these two ladies replace that’80s cheese with pure charm. Masters of fashion resurrection. All tights are hand-printed with whimsical accents such as hummingbirds, exotic flowers and stars. Dream of being a tattoo sporting badass, but just can’t commit? Grab a pair of sheers with black roses and you’ll look all tatted up. Each pair will run you about $32 a pop and are made in limited edition.

Chocosho also features an up-and-coming label based out of Los Angeles, called Hansel from Basel. These kneepad stockings ($25.00) also come in oatmeal and dark blue, and look cute as can be with a pair of mary janes and a short jumper.

For those of you who dig the simpler things in life,, features an array of solid color tights in 45 hues! These microfiber bad boys are made of thick Nylon/Lycra and are super soft. At only $12.50 a pair, you can scoop up everything from Magenta to Kelly Green, or my personal favorite, Pastel Mint.

So, pair any of this unique leg gear with something simple for a chic look. Congratulations, you’re still in the running toward becoming Tacoma’s next top fashionista.