Zowie Aleshire

Bill Murray would be proud

By Alexandra DeLong on January 31, 2008

Oversized coats and fur-lined boots walk the streets of Tacoma. In these cold winter months, one’s unique style is often forgotten, lost under the layers of fleece and down. The quest for individuality through fashion becomes increasingly difficult without freezing to death. But student Zowie Aleshire manages to pull it off without sacrificing her comfort. She looks street chic and warm strolling the campus of Tacoma Community College.

Her homemade mittens and vintage button accent her brilliant yellow coat, a gift. The splash of color brings hope that spring isn’t too far away, and yellow happens to be the new upcoming color for this season. Ankle boots will still be in this spring. Hers were purchased at Nordstrom. The pants are from Fred Meyer. Her baby pink scarf adds sweetness to her outfit’s overall cool, carefree vibe.

She does her own hair, adding an occasional puff of baby powder to dry out the oils near her scalp (a tip she picked up from travel guru Rick Steves). She sports the Official Steve Zissou hat. For all you non-“Life Aquatic” fans, this is the hat that Bill Murray’s character forces everyone to wear. It’s available online. Aleshire does a great job of staying warm and wintry while remaining on the cutting edge of the fashions to come this spring.