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Insights on 2008’s local music scene

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I’m psychic. Cool, huh? Channeling my psychic powers, I predict that the South Sound will be sick with new music in 2008. I predict new albums on vinyl will make a comeback. I predict that mp3 players will sing Tacoma’s songs. And I predict nightclubs will burst at the seams with new faces and local pride.

My crystal ball tells me Tacoma’s newest bands have acquired the skills and assistance needed to digitally express a slew of perfect pop songs. In its murky kaleidoscope face I see Mono In VCF releasing a new record titled Wallpaper. The Drug Purse will make a split seven-inch with The Freakouts as well as record a full-length by the end of 2008. I see The Elephants and Waves and Radiation releasing new records; The Elephants in February. Also in February I see Paris Spleen releasing The Gesture. I see Tree Roots in the Basement releasing Say When. In March, Wide Eye Panic will release its sophomore effort, The Process. Basic Radio will release its debut CD, No Static. I see Mama Loves Daddy releasing In the Valley of Desire. Scott Andrew will release his latest effort, Save You From Yourself, just in time for spring break.

My tea leaves say that the sultry, Janis Joplin-reminiscent newcomer Voxxy Vallejo will release a full-length in April or May. After more than two years of anticipation, The Painkillers release Every Rainy Day. Tacoma’s beloved Girl Trouble will release an album that they struggle to name. Possibly naming it after something close to their hearts. The tiny vocal powerhouse Kari Ehli will give us What Love Is, a country/rock album before summer. Ghosts and Liars will release new music — even if only online — and its individual members will tackle solo projects before year’s end. I predict new releases from Jet Black Stare and Atomic Outlaws, too.

And that is just scratching the surface.

I tossed my magic bones to discover that Deborah Page’s new CD, For, will be more popular than pancakes. Scream Club’s 12-inch, 10-band international compilation, ACTION! DISCO!, will inspire thousands of awkward teenagers to boogie down. My bones claim mysterious Tacomans will sneak music into a 100th Monkey tile.

My spirit guide says South Sound bands are a diverse group. The Drug Purse will enter the film world with “We Were Snails.” Girl Trouble will release a full-length, independent, Tacoma-made flick titled “Quiet Shoes.” Scream Club will release their music videos on DVD. Voxxy Vallejo will hang original artwork at local galleries, as well as release videos for her songs “Rock On” and “Leave Em Cryin’.”

In light of the Hollywood writers’ strike and awful reality shows, my tarot cards predict folks will embrace local entertainment in larger numbers. My favorite local bands will refine their niches, build up their fan bases and work their mojo like Tiffany “I Love New York” Pollard.

A flock to nightclubs, restaurants, taverns and bars couldn’t happen at a better time. After inhaling really strange glowing smoke in my teepee, a vision of live music club owners dropping big dollars for government-mandated sprinkler systems circled my head. Large clubs were originally told that they had until this month to comply with this “Great White” fire code, but the deadline has been extended to Dec. 1, 2009. My female intuition says some clubs will tighten their belts, raise their prices and lower their spending in order to pay for this mandatory improvement. Let’s support the clubs’ efforts. As your horoscope states, “Appreciate what you have before it’s gone.”

My name is Angie and I’m just a shot away — If you can’t rock me, somebody will.

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