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Rock and roll vacations in Tacoma rule

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This vacation has been such a good time that I really can’t get the The Go-Gos out of my head.

All of the dirty little details won’t fit, so here are the highlights:

Syd Vicious and I had the unique opportunity to see Alexo Rulz’s band, Foray, at the Viaduct, the newer all-ages music venue on South Tacoma Way. This band features Rulz’s lead singing debut, and I just have to say, it was awesome and loud, just how I like it. The whole band rocked, just like guitarist/bartender Brian Redman said it would (that’s a big compliment). Rulz’s voice was spot-on. I especially liked the song, “You’re Fired From Being Willy Nelson” because, duh, that’s a really funny name, and when Rulz introduced it, he said it would be “epoch.”

Another rock show that I had the pleasure of taking in was when the F***ing Eagles played at the Top of Tacoma. I’m the luckiest girl in the world as I introduced the band in my F***ing Eagles T-shirt. I was sure to mention that it was liberating to have the word f***ing across my breasts. This show wasn’t their ordinary because they had special guests performing with them: Wade from Seaweed played the keyboard, his gorgeous Kathlyn offered backup vocals, and legendary Dan McCormick completely rocked the vocals for one song.

Everyone I adore was in the house, too. Lovely Linda was donning some fresh tattoos, “Pretty” on one forearm and “Elusive” on the other. Sweet!

This night consisted of some of the most fun I’ve ever had in Tacoma.

Speaking of fun, I also had a birthday last week. Fourteen of my closest friends surrounded me at Asado. The house offered a complimentary plate of appetizers, and they treated my friends and me like royalty. Thank you, Asado! After, we hit up the Top of Tacoma where even more friends joined in as the AMAZING DJ Pedro spun all of my favorite cuts just for my b-day. I love DJ Pedro! Booties were shaking everywhere, especially mine. I woke up in the morning and my bedroom was in complete shambles, which means I must’ve had a good time. Once again, that’s some of the most fun I’ve ever had in Tacoma.

New Year’s Eve was excellent as always. I dressed up like a pirate for First Night with a red bandana, black and gray eyes, and hoopey earrings. I began the night in style at the Pacific Grill. I enjoyed their special surf ’n’ turf, which was lobster tail, sirloin steak, sexual asparagus and mouth-watering red potatoes. I told them that I was really close to getting on one knee to propose to the Pacific Grill. It was even sweeter because chef/owner Gordon Naccarato and executive chef Aaron Valimont picked up our tab as a New Year’s and birthday present. Gawd, I love you guys and the PG.

Then we headed to First Night, and met Pappi, KAke, the DeRosa clan and Brad Allen at El Toro, and we wandered after. Every single establishment in Tacoma was so slammed with people, which was really nice to see. First Night introduced our amazing theaters, The Helm gallery, Sanford & Son Antiques, and more to a few downtown newbies.

The best performance in my book came from The Elephants. Those guys were so good that they should really be all over major radio and TV. Singer Trevor, who makes music writer Matt Driscoll blush (because The Elephants are so talented) gave me a shout-out because I was the only person in the room dressed up like a pirate. He said my little bit of flair made up for everyone else’s lazy asses, and then someone shouted, “Make her walk the plank!” Perrfect!

New Year's Eve ended for us with bar hopping to Ravenous, Doyle’s and then the Top of Tacoma to bring in 2008.

This was such a successful year for me, and I can’t wait to experience the one to come.

Happy New Year!

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