Half-priced wine night

Il Fiasco rocks my world Wednesday nights

By Natasha Gorbachev on January 31, 2008

There’s no doubt that Sixth Avenue completely rocks and pulses when it comes to nightlife, but sometimes girls like me prefer to take it easy.

Life in the fast lane is good for the weekend nights, but once the week hits, I have to be on my intellectual tiptoes at all times, and when I want to get together for a laid back weeknight evening, my usual haunts just won’t do because the temptations are too great.

Just last week I found the perfect place for a casual and smooth weeknight or even weekend evening in Il Fiasco.

This yummy Italian restaurant made some smart moves last year when they reconfigured their space. They moved the bar from the front to the back of the establishment, which really brought out the feng shui in that now you can see all of the pretty people packing the dining room through the Sixth Avenue window. Now that the bar is in the back, it’s also more inviting to hipsters like you and me so we won’t feel like we’re interrupting those who are enjoying a sit-down meal.

Last week, one of my gal pals met there and introduced me to something that I didn’t know about:

Half-priced wine night that happens every Wednesday.

With this special, all bottles of wine on their list (with the exception of the really fancy ones on the back page) are half off, which isn’t just a steal, it also draws a comfortable crowd with a healthy mix of younger and older folk, most of whom have purple teeth by the end of the night. I love the purple teeth.

The bar was the perfect atmosphere for my girlfriend and me to relax and catch up on everything without getting hassled like we usually do by weird guys. However, the best man that we did get to interact with was Noah, the sweet and funny bartender.

Il Fiasco is so very open and inviting that it’s tough not to stay there all night long.

Although I didn’t eat while I was there on my most recent visit, I’ve never had anything but positive experiences and a satisfied palate whenever I’ve sat on the dining side.

But on the contrary, we did get the tiramisu that went so nicely with our delicious syrah after Pappi Swarner sent me a text that said, “Get the dessert.” Thank gawd for text messaging because that tiramisu was wonderful.

So take my word for it, my dearly beloved readers, if a nice and casual getaway is what you’re looking for, head to Il Fiasco, especially on Wednesdays for half-priced wine night.

And smile big with those adorable, purple teeth because that just means that you’ve had fun.

[Il Fiasco, 2717 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.272.6688]