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Bring back the watch

A cell phone doesn’t look at cool on your wrist

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At the airport on a recent trip, I saw a gal dig for her cell phone after asking, “What time is it?” Everyone around her began to grope their pockets for their own phones, but no one could tell her right away. In a couple of minutes she found it, flipped it open, and snapped it shut with satisfaction. All the while I’m thinking, “What the f?!” Nobody wears a watch anymore? What happened to the days when we felt lost and naked without one?

In this day and age we have computers, cell phones and other electronic devices to tell the time. I get it, but what a waste of life to have to search for your cell whenever you want the time. Those minutes add up, when you could just glance at your wrist and be done with it.

When asked the time, one girl said the watch on her arm, sans battery, was worn solely for “decoration.” What? That’s false advertisement! Then I started thinking, have they become old fashioned? Maybe most watches just don’t make the fashion statement our other accessories do. And since they’re becoming merely glorified bracelets, maybe we should find some hot ones … that actually work. So I did just that.

While in California recently, I stopped by a boutique a friend suggested in West Hollywood. It was there, at Xin Boutique, that I spotted the La Mer Ombre. The stainless steel band comes in black, white, magenta or teal. Oh yea, you can also get it in gold and silver, but blah. This sweet piece has a water resistance of up to 30 meters and looks far more pricey than it actually is ($145.00).

La Mer Collections is known for making high caliber watches at reasonable prices. At, you can snag one with a double wrap genuine leather handmade band, and high quality Seiko movement. This ticker has a classic, practical style that only gets better with age ($80.00).

If these don’t strike your fancy, try out the Nixon Vega ($60.00). This oversized, plastic, elastic bracelet is sure to turn heads. It comes in a plethora of colors from lime to fake wood grains. Choose the pink one and a few bucks will go to Boarding for Breast Cancer!

Last but not least, my fave watch was at Urban Outfitters. The Flud Turntable Watch has a wide, black leather strap, and a 2-inch stainless steel turntable face. This funky watch looks great on both sexes, and is a definite conversation piece ($65.00).

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