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So clutch

Say goodbye to those over-the-shoulder kitchen sink holders

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Now that the excruciating holiday events have transpired and your bank account has regained consciousness, it’s time to splurge on yourself a bit. This winter, fashion is all about ridding ourselves of the redundant trends of seasons past. I’m still suffering severely from skinny pants overload, but even worse are the huge, grossly oversized bags still lingering around. Enough already. I may as well bust out my luggage set and roll it behind me all day. We need to get back to being feminine, and nothing says “I’m a classy broad” like the clutch.

This season, clutches are definitely the new accessory, and they’re not just reserved for after 5 p.m. and high school proms. Coming in all shapes and sizes, these babies scream elegance, even when done in bright colors.

If your budget will allow, Paul Smith Women makes an embellished calf hair clutch ($1,175) that’s to die for. You can pick this up online at

For us regular folk, Tiki Lounge is a jackpot for hot bags right now. I spotted a red leather clutch with tooled flowers and a bright white background ($68). Made by a company in Peru called Kukuly’s,  the tailored details make it smart yet quirky. Tiki also carries a brand called Authentic Home, based out of Los Angeles. They make cute clutches with bright flowers using luxe details like contrast topstitching and super bright linings.

I loved the red suede one with a single bright teal flower in the corner ($30). AH also makes one of my favorite things, the wallet that doubles as a clutch. Every woman should have one of these. This brown one is perfect for traveling, with tons of slots for cards and a zip pouch, just the size of a boarding pass ($38).

My favorite things at Tiki Lounge were these cowboy inspired wallet/clutches. They come in four different shades of bright, tooled leather. These should definitely be used as a clutch. Why hide something so beautiful inside a purse?

Target also has some great baguettes that can double as clutches. In deep shades of red and fuchsia satin, it’s simplicity at its finest. Both are from a new line called “Hollywood for Target” and are only $19.99.

I couldn’t end my search without stopping at some thrift stores. I nabbed a black velvet foldover clutch at Vanity on Sixth Avenue for a mere $12. The lining was a stunning cream satin and liquidly soft.

So, shake off the overburdened bags. ’Cause regardless of the price, there’s nothing like the preciousness of a little under-the-arm number.

[Tiki Lounge, 17 N. Tacoma Ave., Tacoma, 253.593.5300]

[Vanity Fashion Boutique, 3108 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.304.9902]

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