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Sleep is overrated

Carmen is a social ho, ho, ho bag this winter

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Holy crap, this winter wonderland has been busy with all kinds of action, so let me just jump right in.

The Supersuckers are the best rock and roll band ever

Wednesday night I grabbed Suzy Stump, and we happily hopped on the barstools at the Red Hot for some brews and the Sixth Avenue Strut hot dog that I love. We were lucky to run into The Frenchman there, who politely gave us an update on all of the changes in his life now that he has a pretty little daughter. The Frenchman is considering getting a perm for the holidays, and Suzy and I both knew that even the most convincing of arguments couldn’t talk that man out of such a 1980s move. Oooooh, The Frenchman.

As soon as we finished our Red Hot treats, we booked down the street for the Supersuckers show at Hell’s Kitchen. There we found the likes of Jason J. Jones, Tall Troy and Senor Gato.

That show absolutely rocked, and Suzy and I agreed: Eddie Spaghetti is SO hot.

Rockin around the Swarner tree

Last Thursday was the Swarner Communications holiday party and so many of the local legends who write for this rag were there including some of my favorites like Julie Jordan, Jessica C-B, Steffie DeRosa, Matt Driscoll and Jennifer Johnson. The party took place in a hidden meeting room that I was completely unaware of in the back of Ruby Collection on Opera Ally, which was a unique, gorgeous and awesome space. After drinks and dinner, co-publisher Ken Swarner was sweet enough to sing the praises of all of the worker bees and then we laced into the white elephant gift exchange. I was fortunate to get the number 30, the very last number, so I got to pick the gift that I really wanted: a fancy wine opener set. Yes! Other hot-ticket items included a little black jingle-jangle purse, “Pirates of the Caribbean 3,” a flashy drink mixer and martini glass, and my own offering: a gift certificate to Seven Muses, one of my favorite shops in downtown.

Boozin’ with the buddies

When I got to Freedom Friday, I couldn’t wait to ditch the office etiquette and hang out with some pals. Natasha ripped off her own suit jacket and met me at Cans for the rock and roll and Busch Light. We then landed at Paddy Coyne’s for drinks with Mer, Paul and Tyson. I hadn’t seen them in a while, so it was really nice to catch up and listen to Natasha make fun of wise-ass Paul.

To end the eve, we went to Asado for an Awesome Andi hug and beverage, and the chance to hang out with Sundawg and Bill. That Bill is originally from the South. He’s lost most of his accent, but every once in a while I can’t help but giggle when he says things like ‘huntin’ ’n’ fishin’.

Afternoon delights

Saturday, Syd Vicious and I met up, and she decided that she wanted an afternoon beer, so we drove at top speed to get to the Spar in Old Town. While there we talked about all things boy related. Syd and I departed, and she rushed off to get her haircut at Foxfire while I ran in to get my nails done at Angel Nails. Now my nails and my toes are a shade of lavender that makes my eyes flutter.

Where’s The Husky?

Several of you have inquired as to the whereabouts of The Husky, the near and dear friend who used to frequently grace so much space in this column. Well, dear readers, The Husky is in love, and he found himself a very sweet girlfriend so we don’t get to see him as much. He gave me a call and we met up Saturday night at the Swiss for dinner and laughs with the wonderful Swiss people like Bob, Gayle, Joy, Jen, Monkey, Taylor, Nobby, Slick and Damon.

The Seahawks freakin’ RULE!

Sunday Syd and I wandered into the Varsity Grill to catch the Seahawks game. Toward the end of the game (HOORAY HAWKS!), Mr. Sienna emerged. Syd split at the end of the game, and Mr. Sienna and I joined Costa Rica Ryan (who just moved home for good – yea!) and his lovely Rose at the Parkway and then Hank’s Corner Bar.

Whew! That’s a lotta love, but would you expect anything less from a socialite tease like me?

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