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Pour at Four

I was Dom-inated at the proctor district wine bar

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What is the deal with all of the booze in the world and why does it affect me in such different and distinct ways?

Beers make me mellow.

Tequila makes me diabolical.

Shots make me fall down.

Wine makes me shine.

And it never ever fails: Champagne always makes me giggle.

Just last week I stepped into a joint for my first time (it was such a crime that I’d never been there before) and had some of the best champagne ever created.

Dom Perignon at Pour at Four in Proctor.

As a complete act of kindness, my friend Kent invited me to join him and a handful of his co-workers to enjoy the lavish DP, and enjoy we did!

Several bottles of it popped at our table that was covered in two servings of some of the best cheese I’ve ever had. You should get the midnight, which is a goat cheese from Arcadia, Calif., that Tacoma Boys brings in quite frequently.

What made the DP and Pour at Four experience even better was listening to Chuck tell the stories behind this legendary champagne as we all marveled and spoke with great affinities about the tiny bubbles.

DP is fancy and soothing to the palate, and it’s an unparalleled elixir. You just know that it’s magic when it reaches your tongue.

It’s no coincidence that I’d describe my first (and certainly not my last) experience at Pour at Four in the same light.

The ambiance at this wine bar is simple yet comforting to the point where I felt like I was relaxing in my living room (but unfortunately, I don’t typically have Dom in my living room). They have the neighborhood feel down to a T for Tacoma or a P for Proctor.

Mark Merrill, who owns the place with his wife, Susan, graciously took care of us, and you know within five minutes of meeting him that he’s one of the good ones.

In addition to the Dom Perignon sample night, Pour at Four hosts all kinds of functions and rotates their wines in a fashion that makes return visits a requirement. They have more than 100 wines to choose from, and their glass prices range from $4 to $19.

Pour at Four has been featuring bubbles all month long. From Dec. 20 to 22 they’ll feature Lucien Albrecht Crémant Blanc de Blanc and Lucien Albrecht Crémant Brut Rosé, then on Dec. 27 to 29 they’ll showcase Chandon Blanc de Noirs and Chandon Rosé. Sweet!

If you’ve yet to step into this gem of a neighborhood wine bar, you’re really missing out on some cozy experiences.

So drop in during December for the bubbly and get your giggle on like you should.

[Pour At Four, 3814 N. 26th St., Tacoma, 253.761.8015]

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