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Pinwheel Catering's Herban Cafe

Organic gourmet treats moves in on Sixth Avenue

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You can tell the moment you walk into the new Pinwheel Catering’s Herban Cafe this is a place where people linger, where they come with newspapers and laptops in the morning, and drink coffee and eat sandwiches or scones until well into the afternoon. Today, the second day of business in the former Ezell's Famous Chicken on Sixth Avenue in Tacoma, a girl was curled up on one of the benches reading; an empty mug on the table looked long since finished. Another table, which resembles what you might find on an outdoor patio, played host to a family of four planning their day.  Myself? A delicious, gourmet Ham and brie sandwich, deep mug of corn chowder with big potato chunks, a glass of Cuvee Monster Red and a chocolate oatmeal cookie sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Unlike recent restaurant openings, Steve and Gretchen Nogler, former owners of Sumner's Garden Cafe, opened this small café without pretense. Bathed in neon orange inside (it works), the inviting spot offers organic treats such as a melt-in-your-mouth prime rib dip, hearty pot pie, revolving pastries, fancy-sounding sandwiches, rustic white bean cassoulet, 10 salads including a roasted duck and spinach choice, 3,000 miles from Buffalo wings and five desserts options on the blackboard.

LINK: Pinwheel's Web site

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