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Original Booty Burglars

Learn who to burgle a booty

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If the Original Booty Burglars are one thing, it’s, well, original.

They’re original and ridiculously entertaining. It’s not quantum physics. It’s rock and roll. The Original Booty Burglars know how to take control of a stage and know how to mesmerize a crowd. The first time I saw the Booty Burglars they whipped the whole crowd into a foamy lather, and then proceeded to have their filthy way with everyone in attendance. By the time things were over, every female in the room had a new favorite band, and the Burglar’s guitarist was down to his skivvies.

It was dirty, but it was a performance forever etched in my memory.

“It has to be consensual. We’re not burglars who just take stuff, we actually burgle the willing. At a show sometimes we demonstrate a booty burgle, but it’s hard to describe in words,” says Jerry Curl, an original member of the Original Booty Burglars, in a 2004 interview with the Weekly Volcano.

“It’s kind of a must-see event. If you’re intrigued by a booty burgle, or are wondering how you burgle a booty, then I suggest you come to a show and let us demonstrate.”

The Original Booty Burglars will play Hell’s Kitchen Thursday, Dec. 13. The Weekly Volcano is giving you a whole week’s notice here, so it’s your own damn fault if you miss it.

[Hell’s Kitchen, with Who Cares, Thursday, Dec. 13, 9 p.m., $3, 3829 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.759.6003]

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