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Mineral, the dreamy jewelry gallery with big picture window on St. Helens has moved. As with so many of the buildings in Tacoma’s downtown core, her former building, The Webster, was sold, and Mineral owner and jewelry designer Lisa Kinoshita packed up her bags and moved to the Dome District, Tacoma that is. After spending four years running back and fourth between her shop downtown and her Nalley Valley workspace, Lisa needed everything in one place and found that space in the historic cream-colored stucco building that previously housed the Icebox Contemporary gallery.

Kinoshita works in bronze and silver with unusual stones. Recent design experiments include kinetic pieces that resemble mobiles. Kinoshita’s creative pieces are available by special order for jewelry not currently showing in her gallery, like the necklace pictured. Bold rings and delicate, vibrant necklaces that dance around the throat and play impishly across the chest are a must see.

As for the gallery itself, it’s smaller than the original Mineral, but Lisa feels it’s “just right for a jewelry gallery. It’s kind of shaped like a jewelry box.” The walls are graced with “Mutatis — the necessary changes have been made,” a show of what Kinoshita calls “lush and unsettling clown paintings” by Seattle artist Cathy Sarkowsky is on display through Dec. 31.

[Mineral, noon to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Thursday and Saturday, 301 Puyallup Ave. (Space A), Tacoma, 253.250.7745]

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