Johanna Chase and Jesus

Solo acoustic show at Le Voyeur Friday

By Matt Driscoll on December 20, 2007

Johanna Chase, who will play Le Voyeur in Olympia Friday, Dec. 21, shines in the singer/songwriter folkstress mold and has wrestled with a few religion questions in her day.

Although her music has a definite Christian element, it’s not a one-ingredient soup. Many things make up the music of Chase. Christianity is just one of them.

“I’ve always danced around the fact that Jesus is the complete reason I sing and fight for a joyous and better life,” writes Chase on her Web site —

“I used to think, ‘If non-Christians hear the joy and reasoning and philosophy of my music and find out it’s all in the name of Jesus, then they’ll just correlate it to all the fundamental, racist, sexist, televangelist, high strung people they’ve seen fight their daughters on national television because of some political view! And God knows I want nothing to do with those standards of living.’ But in recent thoughts I’ve realized, ‘Hey, my music isn’t pulling for one community or the other, it’s pulling for humanity.’ Jesus yelled at the religious people and stayed up late to hangout with prostitutes, but died for the people in both communities.”

Check out Johanna Chase at Le Voyeur.

[Le Voyeur, with The Next Door Neighbors, 10 p.m., NC, 404 4th Ave E., Olympia, 360.943.5710]