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I was freakin' jolly

My vacation was filled with friends and fun

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Sure, by the time you read this, Christmas will officially be over, but this season is continuing to be jolly for everyone’s favorite Carmen.

I made a conscious decision to not attend the Swiss Christmas party because it happened on a Sunday, and I had consumed too many drinks the night before. Instead, I met up with several of the Swiss partiers at the Top of Tacoma Bar, and chaos ensued. Joy was doing flips in the air. The ladies turned the establishment into a dance floor, and I spent the majority of my time with Natasha and the Bull’s Eye Boyz. Out of nowhere, I inadvertently got trashed, which made Monday even more miserable than it already is. Phew, thank gawd that’s over.

Wednesday I picked up Natasha, and I joined a crew of work colleagues and friends for the Revels show at the Rialto. That performance warmed my heart with all kinds of holiday cheer, especially seeing my pal Elliott on stage. Those 80 people of all ages offered holiday music and dancing from several languages, mostly Russian. Natasha was all over that. I also really enjoyed David the Magician. Natasha told me that in real life he’s David Boe, the vice-chair of our city’s Planning Commission. The show was two and a half hours — SO worth the $22 — and I loved every minute of it. I’ll certainly be back next year.

As you all know, I’m officially on vacation right now, and last Friday I didn’t even get 10 minutes of breathing time during the work day because the last-second demands kept pouring in. Thankfully, I made it through and accomplished everything that was needed in record time (gold star for me), and I was so grateful for the chariot that picked me up to take me away from it all until Jan. 3. D-Nice rolled up and immediately took me to Asado for the happiest hour of all.

After, I joined all kinds of old-school Tacoma people for the Seaweed show at Hell’s Kitchen. I kicked it with peeps like Natasha, Tam Tam, Maranatha, Chaundra, Jesse and Little Liz. The show rocked my socks off, and half of the establishment was moshing like they did at the point in time when Seaweed first hit the scene. They started my vacation off the right way.

Saturday I got a call from my pal from college, Ryan, who lives in Eastern Washington. He had driven over the pass for some Christmas shopping, and it took him four hours to get over it due to the crazy winter weather conditions. I wouldn’t let him go back over the pass at night, and I made him join me for a night of fun in Tacoma. I pulled together an impromptu taco party with all of the fixin’s and provided a Dos Equis upon his arrival. After, we went to Doyle’s where we caught my junior high pal Jeremy in his birthday celebration with The Real Matt Beck. The four of us hopped up the hill to the Top of Tacoma where my punk rock boyz were screaming the lyrics to every song in the juke box from the Drop Kick Murphys. They were wishing one of their own a fine sendoff to Iraq. Best of luck, bro!

I would tell you about this private Christmas party that I went to Sunday, except the owner of the establishment asked me not to write about it to protect the innocent.

However, if I could write about it, I’d tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed myself with him and his staff, especially the guy that was rocking a Christmas pot holder on his holster. Two of the girls who were allegedly at this Christmas party that I’m not supposed to write about were cracking me up because they were teaching me how to dance with a dead face and spasmodic shoulder shaking.

And if I could write about this Christmas party, I’d really like to thank the owner for inviting me because I had a wonderful time.

Following the secret Christmas party, Kendra and I took off for Magoo’s because we’d both received messages from Alexo Rulz, who was bartending that night. Hazel 8 met up with us and for a very brief moment in time we ruled the scene.

Now, as I type this on Christmas Eve, I’m really looking forward to a holiday cocktail party at J-Rod and Mr. Sienna’s place.

Tis the season!

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