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Hed(pe) hits Vertigo

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For the second time this year, on Friday, Dec. 14, hed(pe) will play Tacoma. Considering I didn’t realize hed(pe) still existed until the first time they played T-Town back in May, their second show in Tacoma isn’t quite as surprising. However, it’s close. If you had asked me a year ago what the chances were that hed(pe), known best for their 2000 album Broke and the single “Bartender,” would play Tacoma twice in seven months, I would have told you rain closing I-5 was more likely.

How wrong I was.

In 2006 hed(pe) dropped their sixth full-length album, Back 2 Base X, a greatest hits record. If you’re anything like me you’re probably shocked to hear hed(pe) has enough material for such an endeavor. Then again, I’m a music columnist. I should know these things.

This year, June 26 to be exact, the band released Insomnia, a record of new material on the Suburban Noize label. It’s enough to make even the biggest hater, like this writer, believe hed(pe) obviously still has something in the tank, and at least a few people are taking note.

“It’s a beautiful time for bands. I’m making way more money now than I ever did back in the day. We’ve got an underground following that’s very strong,” says hed(pe)’s leader, Jahred Shane, by phone prior to his band’s May gig at the South Sound Garage.

“I love to be honest. We have an eclectic fan base that represents the world we live in. I want to spread it all over the planet, and empower the youth. Life is more magical than the way reality TV portrays it.”

This time around, hed(pe) will play Club Vertigo Friday, Dec. 14. They’ll be joined on the bill by Insolence, the Outfit, and Big B. Whether you realized they still existed or not, hed(pe)’s second show in Tacoma this year should be as memorable as their first.

But I wouldn’t know. I wasn’t there.


[Club Vertigo, Friday, Dec. 14, 7 p.m., $15, 5240 So. Tacoma Way, Tacoma,]

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