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Tunes and new shoes

Smart sneakers for high tech jocks by Nike

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The significant one is into Nike shoes. Which is interesting to me, a person who needs the stability received from what I fondly refer to as “Franken-boots” — New Balance running sneaks I get at South Sound Running on Pacific Avenue.

The two of us, on a rare weekend in Seattle, spent a Sunday morning in Nike Town so dude-man could find the perfect replacement runners for shoes that should have been pronounced legally dead a year ago. I replace my shoes every three to four months, which is sadly not the case for him. Tragically, I didn’t need new shoes, or I could be talking about my own fitness shopping spree.

But, alas, it was he who scored the grand sneaker slam with his new Bowerman series Nikes, which came iPod equipped with a sensor that nearly made me weep with jealousy.

The next day, he bought the sexiest iPod Nano, and I was tasked with filling it up with “inspiring” music as I turned several shades of green, despising my pink Shuffle and willing Santa to bring me a Nano the way Veruca Salt wants an Oompa Loompa: NOW.

No, he didn’t get Lance Armstrong’s iTunes playlist, but he got the top 20 power songs and Sylvester Stallone’s playlist.

He’s a lucky, Nike-running dog.

Now I need to log miles, kill my shoes, and get my own Nike +.

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