Thanksgiving in a bar

Having fun with my friends on Turkey Day

By Natasha Gorbachev on November 22, 2007

Just like the rest of the peeps in the United States, I have some things to be thankful for:

My family, friends, a cozy home, and the fact that it’s snowing in the mountains.

But one of the things that I appreciate the most out of life is something that’s not quite traditional when it comes to Thanksgiving.

I’m so very grateful for bars that are open. Here’s why:

To get real personal with you, I’ll tell you that my mother passed away several years ago, and although I’m excellent at disguising it, holidays aren’t that easy for me.

Ever since her passing, my father flies to Chicago to be with our family there for the week around Thanksgiving.

Since I get only Thursday and Friday off, a trip that far is tough.

I’ve consistently received so many wonderful invitations from people to spend time with them and their family on Thanksgiving.

I accepted one once, only to depart early and cry all of the way home.

What people don’t understand is that it’s actually harder for me to hang out with a family on Thanksgiving when I don’t have much of my own, and it just makes me really, really wish that mother was still here.

But instead of wallowing in these emotions, I focus on making the best of it, and for me, it’s much, much more soothing to spend that day in a bar doing what I do best: having fun.

In Tacoma, there’s actually a Thanksgiving scene, and here are your turkey day hotspots:

So when you get done filling your belly, you should head out to any of the aforementioned establishments to blow off some holiday steam and show some love for the fact that they’re open for people like me who need it.

Gobble, gobble.

Tell me where you like to party at