Public or private, in public showers

By Jessica Corey-Butler on November 22, 2007

A while ago as I showered at the Downtown YMCA a woman came up right next to me (we were the only two there) and proceeded to attempt to engage me in conversation while she lifted up body parts and scrubbed vigorously.

Fast forward, today at the Morgan Family branch, I was showering with my daughter after swimming.

A woman came in, made a great fuss of pulling up a disabled-assistance chair outside of her stall, put what appeared to be the contents of her bathroom on it, and shut her curtain tighter than Ft Knox.

OK, I thought, some people really like their privacy, and was about to dismiss the whole event until the bizarre occurred: said woman began making sounds which were kind of like a cross between sighs, moans, and grunts. Periodically her arm would come out from behind the curtain, procure a product from her bag, and then disappear again; then the sigh-ish, moan-ish grunt-ish thing would continue.

All I can say is, dude, there’s gotta be some happy medium between crotch scrubbing while talking about the benefits of exercise on diabetes, and complete (and noisy) public secrecy, don’t you think?