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MxPx and Jesus

Bremerton pop-punk trio MxPx is not a typical Christian band

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The last time I wrote about Club Impact was on the Weekly Volcano’s blog Spew (, and it was in regard to the disturbance complaints being levied against the all-ages venue by neighboring business owners. Though, at the time, I would have told you the intention of my words was to support Club Impact against the fairly ridiculous attacks, as usual I managed to throw in a handful of wiseass Jesus jokes, and, of course, point out the irony of a Christian all ages club being deemed a city blemish.

“Speaking of that, Matt I see you got in your little Club Impact Jesus jabs. Good work guy, now you can go back to your usual job of sucking Hells Kitchens hind tit,” read one comment, posted by “Ron and Gail” in response to the post.

Ron and Gail had a point, and with MxPx set to play Club Impact at Brick City on Saturday, Dec. 1, I’d like to dedicate this preview to them — wherever they are.

This one’s for you, Ron and Gail!

You see, MxPx playing Club Impact is perfect ammunition for a plethora of Bible one liners and “little Club Impact Jesus jabs.” Usually, this would be my path.

Club Impact is a Christian club, and MxPx is defined by many, including me, as a Christian band. When MxPx and Club Impact team up, well, it’s enough Jesus for anyone.

But I decided I wouldn’t go there. Ron and Gail wouldn’t want me to.

As I sat searching for another theme, something came to me. What exactly makes me classify MxPx as a “Christian band?” What I know of MxPx has nothing to do with Christianity. “Move to Bremerton,” the song most people around these parts associate with MxPx, has nothing to do with Jesus — nor does “Chick Magnet,” one of my favorite MxPx songs of all time. Even their later work, from ’98’s Going the Way of the Buffalo, to this year’s Secret Weapon, at most, only ever offer vague, ambiguous Christian overtones.

Yet the guys in MxPx are Christians. Sometimes the band gets played on Christian radio stations and does interviews with Christian magazines. And so I (and many others) call them a Christian band.

My search for a different theme got me thinking about just how screwed up this is. Though MxPx did reunite with Tooth and Nail Records (known as a “Christian” label) for Secret Weapon, there’s nothing very “Christian” about the recent release. It’s basically a pop punk album, with a few lines here and there that might be a little Jesusy.

That’s all.

Upon further review, it seems I call MxPx a Christian band because they’re Christians, not because they write Christian music. Christian music is full of loving the grace of god and singing the praise of Jesus. MxPx doesn’t do that. They write well constructed pop punk. For me, and so many others, to pass them off as simply a Christian band is, at best, narrow minded.

MxPx will play Club Impact Brick City Saturday. It’ll be a high-energy punk rock show at one of Tacoma’s most important all-ages venues. Jesus or no Jesus, this one’s a winner. 

[Club Impact, with Search/Rescue, The Real You, The Enemies Of, Saturday, Dec. 1, 7 p.m.,  $10 at, $12 door, 754 Pacific Ave., Tacoma, 253.274.1583]

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