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Kitty Diggins moves in

Carmen scores a roommate

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This week I became one of the luckiest girls in the world because I got something that’s going to help me with my personal finances, safety and general quality of life.

I got a roommate!

Hellooooo Ian!

He’s been one of my best pals ever since I moved back to Seattle after graduating from college. He’s a bouncer at the Owl N Thistle in Seattle. He’s just an all-around great guy.

Ian used to rent an apartment in Seattle, but the owner recently decided that he wanted to convert the space to a condominium, sadly displacing Ian.

However, that was such good news for me!

I rarely use the upstairs portion of my home, which is now transitioning into Ian’s lion’s den.

Along with sweet Ian came another roommate, but of the much smaller sort: a black and tan Kitty Diggins.

So far I’ve noticed that Kitty Diggins and I already have several things in common. She doesn’t need all of the love in the world, but she knows where to go for a little affection, she’s independent, aloof, and she likes to party all night and sleep all day. Atta girl!

Ian and I have lots of things in common, too, including a huddle of amazing friends. We graduated from high school the same year, have a similar sense of humor and share liberal tendencies and a common love of Tacoma (he grew up here).

It’s so very nice to have Ian and Kitty Diggins here because my house feels even more like a home. Last weekend we had so much fun dorking out the entire day watching the “CSI” marathon on A&E, and we had a cheesy ’90s iPod jam when we got home from the bars.

Also, I’m really relieved because making a mortgage payment by myself is so tough, and this is truly going to help.

I don’t feel like this experience will be like “The Real World” or even real life where the roommates are getting along in the beginning but hating each other by the end.

I’m one of the best roommates to have because I really like to take care of people, and Ian is a very considerate and thoughtful guy. Also, plain and simple, we’re both busy people, and we actually won’t see each other that much.

Words can’t express how much I appreciate the company, and please allow me to quite publicly say:

Welcome Ian and Kitty Diggins!

In addition to being stoked on the new living situation, I was SOOOOO happy to have two days off from work for Thanksgiving.

The Wednesday before the holiday is one of my favorite days EVER because so many people are out that night partying. My boss even let us off early. Hooray!!!!!

I busted home, did my nails, prettied myself up, and met Natasha at the Parkway for the “Honey, the Parkway Ruined Thanksgiving” party. There we drank copious amounts of Sierra Nevada’s Celebration IPA, a winter beer that makes Natasha sing “Reunited.” We also hung out with Pappi Swarner, KAke, Lovely Linda, Gabe and Carl.

After, Natasha and I sauntered into the Swiss that was teaming with peeps so I could meet up with Syd Vicious, Jet-Setting Jason and Joey (everybody loves a Baldwin).

Joey just moved home from Chi-Town, and it was so nice to squeeze him.

After the QT with all of them, we headed for our hill and hit the hay.

I was very jealous of Natasha’s Thanksgiving. I just hung out with my family, but she had the anti-Thanksgiving, which sounded much better. She didn’t take in all of the food that made me fat; she ate healthy. She didn’t sit on the couch all day like I did, she worked out. She didn’t waste her brain on football like we did, she watched E! About the only Thanksgiving thing she did was she took a nap. Nice.

That evening, I rallied Ian and Natasha up and we headed to the Top of Tacoma bar where we rocked the jukebox and had a blast.

Friday I went to the Top of Tacoma bar yet again because so many friends were texting me all day saying they were going to be there, including Craig Bill, Callie, Eric, Latonya, Tami, Elizabeth, Lawyer Steve, Hazel 8, Sarah (happy birthday!), Scott, Russ and Jim. All I can say is that night was wicked fun.

To bid a fond farewell to the weekend, on Saturday Natasha and I stopped into Doyle’s and then the late-night happy hour at the Pacific Grill (meat candy, meat candy, meat candy).

As you can tell, I have so much to be thankful for this year. Yea!!!

I’m Carmen, your new chameleon.  Drop me your favorite parties at

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