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Kiss Her for the Kid

Prettier Than Me

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Artists from Seattle are generally passed to the local music director at KUPS 90.1 FM, but I, the alternative music director, grabbed Kiss Her For the Kid’s new release, Prettier Than Me. Since the “one guy with a drum machine and laptop” sound has become quite popular and the alternative and electronic genres are sometimes difficult to distinguish, the organic sound of Kiss Her really stands out.

At first Kiss Her reminded me of Pretty Girls Make Graves, but this group has more punk influence and definitely more attitude. Their new album, Prettier Than Me, begins with the upbeat “High” complete with catchy guitar hooks and shrieks from lead singer Hannah Roberts. On the softer “Lickalisculous,” Roberts croons “Don’t you be lickalisculous to me.” I’m still uncertain what this means, but I promise it will be in your head for the next week. The band really shines on “Kiss Off Down the Road” when Sean London joins Roberts in a call-and-response style love song.

If their live show is anything like their new album, Kiss Her For the Kid is sure to put on a fun and energetic performance. — Caitlin Boersma, alternative music director, KUPS 90.1 FM

[Crocodile Café, Kiss Her For the Kid, Polygraph Liar, Karuna, Tuesday, Dec. 4, 9 p.m., $6, 2200 Second Ave., Seattle, 206.441.5611]

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