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Tiki talks tons of talent

Jazzbones’ Singer Songwriter in the Round is freakin’ delicious

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If Bobble Tiki remembers correctly, and considering the amount of boxed wine that pumps through his body on a daily basis there’s at least a decent chance he doesn’t, the first time Bobble Tiki experienced a Jazzbones “Songwriters in the Round” show, Jeff Angell performed (with a few other talented local song-smiths), and Bobble Tiki recalls being pleasantly surprised. That’s not to say Bobble Tiki wasn’t expecting much from Angell and Co., it’s just that acoustic guitars and semicircles remind Bobble Tiki of family camping trips and Al-Anon meetings — not jaw dropping musical performances.

Luckily, Bobble Tiki was wrong. The intimacy and vibe created by gathering a group of talented artists, musicians, and (of course) songwriters was too powerful to deny. Since that night Bobble Tiki has considered himself a diehard fan of Songwriters in the Round.

Taking all this into consideration, imagine Bobble Tiki’s excitement upon seeing the amazing group of talent lined up to perform at Jazzbones this Sunday, Sept. 9. Before the now standard “Big Friction Jam” (which happens every Sunday night at Jazzbones), Tom Landa and Kendel Carson of the Paperboys, Vicci Martinez, and Danny Godinez will sit down for what may end up as one of the most memorable Songwriters in the Round performances yet.

Landa, Carson and the Paperboys are in the process of creating a new record, and are in the midst of a Northwest tour before heading off to Europe for shows in Germany, Ireland, England, and Scotland. Martinez is playing shows around the Northwest, and if my hunch is correct, probably just returned from a few days at the Gorge with Dave Matthews. Danny Godinez is simply a wizard with an acoustic — as per usual.

Sunday, they’ll be four musicians coming together, perhaps even passing a guitar, displaying all that is honest about music.

“Singer Songwriter In The Round is about individual performers sharing a stage sitting on stools in a half circle taking turns performing songs, talking about where the songs come from, their inspirations, and sharing stories from the road. It is an intimate look at where the music comes from at its root,” says Jennifer Johnson, who puts together Jazzbones’ musical calendar.

“Reed Riley is the brain behind this coming Sunday evening’s Singer Songwriter in the Round showcase. The credit goes to Reed Riley for putting the line-up together. He approached me about doing the show at Jazzbones and I recognized what a cool night it would be.

“The four musicians that will perform Sunday will share an intimate look at their music. It’s an engaging experience to be able to have a nice dinner, lean forward in your seat and hang on their words as they tell stories both humorous and insightful,” adds Johnson.

Of peak interest, especially given the setting, should be Martinez, who long ago built a reputation as one of Tacoma’s most unique and engaging songwriters. Years have only added clarity to her voice, and her performances have only improved because of it.

“It’s a nice chance to get a little more intimate and tell a few stories. The guys don’t like it when I ramble, so it’s my chance!” offers Martinez.

“We’ve had a few complaints about how loud the band and I can get, so for the softer ears out there ... perfect time to come out.

“I think it’s going to be out of this world,” continues Martinez. “When we do these things we all end up playing along with each other, so it will be interesting to see what comes out. You never know, but you know it’s gon’ be good.”

Something tells Bobble Tiki that Martinez is right, but then, that’s what Bobble Tiki’s been sayin’ all along.

As always, Bobble Tiki doesn’t care what you do this week because he doesn’t even know you. Sorry. It’s kind of Bobble Tiki’s catch phrase at this point. Even if Bobble Tiki suddenly mustered up a teaspoon of interest about your plans this week and contemplated caring, there’s no way Bobble Tiki could act on it. It’s in his contract. All Bobble Tiki can really do is invite you to breakfast with him every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at www.weeklyvolcanospew. com. If nothing else it should keep you regular.

[Jazzbones, with Ryan Shae Smith (just added),  Sunday, Sept. 9, 7 p.m., all ages, $10, 2803 Sixth Ave., Tacoma, 253.396.9169]

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