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Trevalyan Triangle

Junkyard Jane members form a Triangle

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Trevalyan Triangle is the solo project of Leanne Trevalyan (of Junkyard Jane) accompanied by Junkyard Jane bassist Barbra Blue. The songs in Trevalyan Triangle are mostly country/Americana ballads that don’t fit into the more rambunctious Junkyard Jane set list.

“Junkyard Jane is mostly the music of Billy Stoops and myself,” explains Trevalyan. “It’s kind of swampy, soulful and bluesy with an Americana influence. We do a lot of bars and festivals where the music is danceable. The Trevalyan Triangle is more singer/songwriter acoustic rock coffeehouse listening stuff. I like to say that my soul is in Junkyard Jane, but my heart is in the Trevalyan Triangle.”

Trevalyan just moved back to Tacoma six months ago. She lived in Kentucky for four years doing the acoustic singer-songwriter thing where she discovered that spiritually she gets a lot more out of shows where the audience is intently listening as opposed to dancing, playing pool or chatting.

Trevalyan has the kind of voice that lends itself well to both scenarios, but while performing unplugged and uninhibited by the competition of louder accompaniment, an earthy earnestness, reminiscent of Lucinda Williams or Joan Osborne, comes across.

Trevalyan is quick to point out that despite the fact that she has been performing as Trevalyan Triangle and Stoops has a new CD and solo project called Billy Roy Danger & the Rectifiers, Junkyard Jane has never broken up. In fact, this year marks their 10th anniversary.

“We’re having two reunion shows in September with all of our alumni including trombonist Randy Oxford, saxophone player Sue Orfield, and sax/harmonica guy Jim King,” explains Trevalyan. “They all have their own bands now — but we’re friends and stay in touch.”

[Mandolin Café, Friday, July 27, 8-10 p.m., all ages, no cover, 3923 S. 12th St., Tacoma, 253.761.3482]

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