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Red Robin’s Absolut Lemonade

Flat on your beak

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At the lemonade stand in front of your garage, you eagerly awaited customers and watched beads of condensation slide down the pitcher. Neighbors, pitying your callow cuteness, said, “Keep the change.” For every glass sold, you downed three. Business might’ve boomed if you’d had the recipe for Red Robin’s vodka lemonade (Absolut Citron, amaretto and lemonade on the rocks). Perfect for medicating boredom, the just-squeezed lemons tingle while the vodka warms.  Sit beside a bachelorette party on the patio and gaze at the traffic. For additional anesthesia, request the Flat On Your Beak (white rum, Bacardi 151, sloe gin, O.J., grenadine and sweet ‘n’ sour). 

[Red Robin, 3901 S. Steele St., Tacoma, 253.473.7447]

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