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The Flying Scotsman

Life and personal struggles of Scottish cycling champ Graeme Obree.

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In America, it took the phenomenon of Lance Armstrong’s repeated wins in the Tour de France to capture the general public’s attention and bring the sport of bicycle racing front and center. Yet in Europe, and in many countries around the world, cycling competitions are frequently major sports stories in the media — and the subject of great interest and heated debates by cycling fans. Now U.S. audiences will have the chance to learn about a recent cycling hero — a very unusual one, to say the least — thanks to the stateside release of “The Flying Scotsman,” director Douglas Mackinnon’s sensitive and thoughtful film about the life and personal struggles of Scottish cycling champ Graeme Obree. 

English actor Jonny Lee Miller is given the dual task of showcasing both excellent physical abilities and subtly presenting the horrendous mental torment of a man battling depression.  Rated PG-13 for some mature thematic elements and strong language  Three stars.

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