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Radiance and Wind Up Here

What we blew our paycheck on this week

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Mama love

As a rule, I dislike being told that I have to buy something just because some retail establishment tells me I have to. 

Hence, I’m not a big fan of the greeting-card holidays.

But as one looms, I have to sheepishly admit, it’s a good idea to have a day to observe mothers.

Sunday, May 13, is coming up fast, and the day the fine paper-making folks have the various and sundry mother-tschotkes that are likely to end up on a Goodwill shelf near you, and soon.

But I found some really great mama items sure to please The Maternal One at Radiance in Olympia.  For brand spankin’ new or expectant moms, I especially loved the Nikki McClure “The First 1000 Days” journals.

Assorted homeopathic remedies, gorgeously natural lotions and potions, and a wide selection of amulet-type jewelry and goddess goodies make natural mommies happy. But for me, the perfect item is a small piece of art inscribed with what may possibly become my life motto: “I’m fairly certain that given a cape and a nice tiara I could rule the world.”

Amen, sister!

[Radiance, 113 Fifth Ave. S.E., Olympia, 360.357.5250]

Kid love

I’ve passed by the Olympia shop Wind Up Here more times than I care to mention.  It’s always looked like a good place to stop, but I have this problem restraining myself when I can shop for the wee one.

Especially at shops such as, in Tacoma, Teaching Toys and Learning Sprout, where high quality, educational toys are concerned.

Wind Up Here proved to be worse for my wallet than these other shops, in all the best ways.  The set-up is clean and airy, with treasures and pleasures around every corner.  Since I’m on a quest — I call it Organizationapalooza — and have painted a boatload of chalkboard paint in key spots of my home, I needed chalk, and found it — two types, plus an eraser.  Not just that, I scored a mathematically savvy fairy card game, a couple of puzzles the wee one digs, and a Ravensburger question-asking game that even I like to play (which is saying a lot: most kids games are instruments of parental torture).

I especially loved that the shop is stocked with toys, games, and novelties that would delight the gamut from my nephews’ adolescent tastes on down to educational teeny baby toys.


[Wind Up Here, 121 5th Ave. S.E., Olympia, 800.531.2616,]

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